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We are a professional company in the field of automation of doors, gates, windows, barriers, hatches, etc. with a tradition since 2005. We not only supply but also produce a range of products. Our assortment consists of door and gate operators, sliding self-supporting and telescopic gates, swing and folding gates, barriers, rising bollards, remote control, GSM and WIFI control, control electronics, photocells, beacons and other control and safety features. We are able to offer all these products at promotional prices incl. free drivers for each set. We provide warranty and post warranty service, installation or wiring at reasonable prices. We also offer standardized garage doors, gates, gates, parking systems and others. We are preparing the cheapest bazaar of drives and accessories for you.

As a manufacturer we can offer you complete sets or separate items at the lowest prices, professional technical advice, professional service incl. device repairs. When making and selecting products we pay special attention to quality. It is important for us the satisfaction of customers and the associated favorable price, or simple assembly, incl. maintenance-free operation.

We offer assembly services wholesale discounts and service not only to our equipment. The goods are standard on stock incl. a wide range of spare parts.

We offer a simple selection of drives according to the power, weight and size of the gates and gates. For wing gates and entrances we use both overhead linear or lever and underground drives. We offer different types of towing gates, incl. drives in an oil bath, incl. mechanical or magnetic limit switches and nylon or steel toothed racks. For garage doors, we use substrip drives with belt or chain. Window automation is done with straight, chain or comb drives. We offer barriers and pull-up pylons in 24V and 230V versions, they are used to prevent access to the respective roads.





Rubber stop

Rubber stop

16,- Kč without VAT 19,- Kč with VAT 30,- Kč with VAT
Coin battery CR2016

Coin battery CR2016

30,- Kč without VAT 36,- Kč with VAT
ActionExternal antenna with 3m coax cable

External antenna with 3m coax cable

199,- Kč without VAT 241,- Kč with VAT 532,- Kč with VAT
ActionTransmitter TXM G

Transmitter TXM G

297,- Kč without VAT 359,- Kč with VAT 399,- Kč with VAT
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